Shakeup in the Bay

February 22, 2006

No one ever said news had to be on time…isn’t that what late breaking is anyway? Niall Kennedy has resigned from Technorati citing eroded passions. What does this seemingly normal occurrence mean to the blogosphere?…Gossip! ISMFCTY has obtained an exclusive copy of Niall’s resignation letter to Dave Sifry:


Happy Valentines Day. I’m going to Google. I mean, they have their own soccer feild! Goodbye and fuck you very much.


Mr. Sifry who has been furious ever since being handed the resignation was overheard at TechCrunch5 yelling in a drunken haze:

“I’m going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I’m going to fucking kill Google.”

Serious words for serious times. This vertical search stuff is no joke, there have been many casualties…will there soon be fatalities in this war between the indie and the corporate?


I just thought this was a cool title. I got nothing.

Get With the Times You Loser

February 20, 2006!?!?! Hahaha that’s sooo Web 1.71. God haven’t you heard of Ma.gnolia? Zeldman and that guy from that one show link there.

Gmail and Yahoo Widgets? Ummm hello! goowy is the hottest thing now, they have 100,000 users and haven’t even gotten venture capital yet. Unfunded companies are sooo Web 2.0.

Blog-what? OMFG! Ok, lemme get this strait, your still using Bloglines??? Haven’t you heard that Rojo is cool again as of Mike Arrington’s SiliSwank TechCrunch 5 party circa 3 days ago? You need to track you Meme better.

Instant Message on the desktop? Hmm, never heard of that…oh wait now I remember…yeah I did that once back when the Web didn’t have a version! Hahaha n00b. God Meebo is so cool, they even have user accounts now. Loser.

Well kid, maybe you’ll be as 1337 and roX0r and wEB 2.o as me one day, but prlly not! LOL omfg fin n00b.

Irina SlutskyLike oh my God, expensive launch parties are soooooooo Web 1.0. Can we please get some new celebrities in the blogosphere? I’m already sick of these people and Bubble 2.0 hasn’t even burst yet! All you fuckers do is link to fuckers linking other fuckers. Fuckers.

The blogosphere is not citizen journalism, it’s chess club bullshit. These are not people with voices, people with voices don’t blog. No, I don’t like CNN or mainstream journalism either. No, I’m not anti-blogging, I’m just anti.

Please don’t take me for being crass, I’m just Web 2.0.1.

Welcome to the Downfall

February 20, 2006

Web 2.0, Mike Arrington, The Long Tail (Fuck the top), Creative Commons, Podcasting, Dave Winer, Snark, Ajax, Memetrackers, Brrreeeport, Citizen Journalism, Matt Mullenweg, Vlogs (Vodcasts?), Tagging, Mashups, RSS, Steve Rubel, OPML, Wikipedia, Aggregators, Om Malik, Flickr,,, Ma.gnolia…It never ever ever ever ends.

TagCamp this, BarCamp that, MashupCamp bullshit unconference motherfuckers.

I’m so sick of this whole Web/Internet/Blogger/Post to Flickr/Silicon Valley/SiliCLONE/2.0 culture that it makes me want to scream. AHHHHHHHHHHGGGRRHH!!!!

Do I feel better? No, I’m not finished yet.